Cayman Tennis Academy in the News

Local Schools Welcome Tennis Sponsorship

Children across Grand Cayman are getting access to weekly tennis lessons.

Cayman Tennis Academy coaches have been traveling to North Side Primary, East End Primary, West Bay Primary and the Lighthouse School to ensure young people have a chance to learn the game.

“The first and often greatest challenge is getting kids to the tennis court if it’s not at the school itself. We have found that often parents do not have the means to get their children to after-school activities,” said Noel Watkins, head coach at Cayman Tennis Academy in a press release.

“This is why the schools programme is so very important to the children at these schools.”

Sponsorship from Cayman National has enabled the program to reach the outer districts of the island and provide students with all of the equipment they need to play the game.

“Participating in school sports is a great way for children to stay healthy, but the benefits go far beyond that. It is proven that children who participate in sports have higher academic achievements, lower drop-out rates and they develop skills like decision-making, communication, teamwork and time management,” said Christy Whittaker, executive assistant and assistant marketing manager of Cayman National.

“These skills tend to make kids more attractive to recruiters and college admission officials.”